See what the T2M Clients are saying about their experience:

Greg is very structured and data driven, and very scientific about training methodology. He mapped out a plan for me which built up my both my stamina and power. By the time summer came, I was considerably better equipped and more fit cyclist than I was the prior year. I was riding around six days a week for more or less 8 months. It wasn’t all long riding, but much harder than I was used to doing. Greg is a great communicator and that worked really well. We were both committed to finding out what worked for me. He’s a great listener in terms of hearing my feedback as well as looking at data.
— Janie Hayes, Trans Am Bike Race winner
I have an amazing coach, Greg Grandgeorge, who took care of the analytical aspect and training plans. He told me what to do, I did it. He was tough, but is clearly a triathlon genius.
— Jennifer Borst, Ironman Athlete
Thank you so much for helping me get my season on track. I feel REALLY GOOD. Being able to hit the power numbers that I’ve been hitting in the middle of big mileage weeks is something I have never been able to do before, and not feel like crap. So thank you for taking all of this on and helping me. I’m very optimistic about the future.
— Sarah Cooper, RAAM winner, RAW record holder, 24 Hours of Sebring record holder, Texas Time Trial record holder, & Trans Iowa Winner.
Greg is a former athlete of mine but one of the most intelligently analytical engineers I know. He’s given me guidance in races in terms of how to pace the course with regards to the weather, the elevation, my fitness and gear. I have a lot of good people in my inner circle. He’s one of them. He ran all of my numbers through Best Bike Split and we had many conversations about how different weather patterns, road quality and power ranges would influence my race.
— Elizabeth Waterstraat, Coach & Elite AG Triathlete
Greg was great. It was clear right away that he is very scientific and evidence-based in his approach, and I quickly developed a deep confidence in how he went about coaching. I spent a good amount of time indoors on the trainer during a rainy Oregon spring. The trainer allows for efficient, focused training that I could squeeze in before work. Greg was less focused on pushing the volume of miles and instead had me training at higher intensities than I was accustomed. My body responded well to it, and that gave me a lot of confidence going into the race.
— Evan Deutsch, Trans Am Bike Race winner, and record holder.
Thank you for coaching me! You have changed my life. During this year I have learned so much about training, limits, strength and endurance. Today, I walk a little taller, I have more confidence and am more self assured.
— Adrienne Espinoza, Ironman Athlete