The plans below are basic levels and prices for ongoing coaching services.   Note that these levels of service are customizable to a specific client's needs, along with the associated pricing levels.  Please contact T2M for more information.


  • T2M utilizes PayPal for services, billing for the following month for coaching or upfront for plans.

  • The setup fees are non-refundable. Services can be cancelled at any time and fees paid in advance are prorated and returned for partial month cancellations.

  • All athletes must have their own Premium TrainingPeaks accounts (with the exception of the Static Training Plan. You can provide your own account or it can be added to your coaching fees at current subscription rates.

  • Static Training Plans are developed utilizing input from you on your experience, your race schedule (and can include up to three races... one "A" race), your vacation / travel schedule (known up front), your available training time (average and peak weeks) and your overall race goals. They do not include changes to the plan or updates as part of the initial pricing. Note that static plans are subject to time availability of the coach, as current Gold, Silver and Bronze athletes have priority (contact T2M for current availability).

  • The Dynamic Training Plan differs from the Static plan as it is developed and modified based on the athlete's progression over time. It also includes up to one schedule change per month, to address work travel, illness, etc. as well as some very limited correspondence for questions and comments. Availability of the Dynamic Plans is generally to existing / past T2M athletes, with some limited availability for new athletes.

  • Monthly fees are for the 2020 season, effective 9/1/19 through 8/31/20.