Services Available:

  • Cycling projections using Best Bike Split software.  Modeling your performance on past races to estimate your aerodynamic & rolling resistance drag, to project pacing and power requirements for future races.
  • Creating "what if" scenarios for cycling, such as the impact of utilizing aero wheels, aero helmets, latex tubes or different bike styles and the resulting time savings or penalties.
  • Creating multiple power pacing scenarios showing the projected TSS (training stress score) and the differences in riding time.  Assisting with targeting realistic Intensity Factors (IF's) and associated power targets based on your individual experience and capability, to optimize cycling performance (and coordinate run effort).
  • Creating a defined power plan based on conditions (up hill, downhill, wind, etc.) so you have specific targets for each component of your race.  
  • Estimating race power / speed decay for endurance cycling events, to project long (12+ hour) events.
  • Creating specific race pace planning, based on the race distance, conditions and your current VDOT analysis.
  • Creating swim pace projections based on your current CSS (critical swim speed).
  • Creating optimized triathlon plans / projections with low, expected and high values for each sport as well as overall time projections.

If you are interested in working with me on racing planning or post race analysis, please contact me at