The following companies support T2M athletes through excellent products, customer service and discount programs. Please contact me if you need more information on the products or partners listed below.

T2M athletes can access the discount page here, using their password to access the page.

Power Meter City

Power meter city.png

Power meters are extremely important to help accurately quantify cycling intensity. I utilize power for the basis of my workouts, and require all my cycling / triathletes to use power meters for key weekly workouts. To help provide comprehensive and competitive priced power meter options, along with dedicated power meter customer service, I’ve partnered with Power Meter City to provide discounted power meters to my athletes. Power Meter City represents a wide range of power meter manufacturers, to meet a wide range of cycling applications.

Ice Friction Technology


Details matter. It’s easy to overlook your bike drive train and underestimate how it may impact your race. Ice Friction provides a unique coating/lubrication system for your chain, reducing friction and converting more watts from your legs into speed for your bike. T2M athletes have set course records at the Trans Am Bike Race, Sebring 24 Hour Time Trial, Race Across the West and the Texas Time Trials, utilizing Ice Friction Chains.