Your Results Matter.   For most of us, we race for fun and not for a paycheck.  For many, part of the fun is being able to show improvement over time... the feeling that the time you are investing will result in meeting your athletic or fitness goals. How are you quantifying your improvement or results?  Are you getting better or have you reached a plateau? Unfortunately, I often see athletes struggle simply because they doing unstructured workouts as part of a generic race plan that won't advance them effectively toward their intended results & goals.

Value Provided to You.  Simple... to help you meet or exceed your goals in the most time effective way possible.  I leverage technology to sort through your data, quantify your fitness, establish realistic and achievable goals and develop specific plans to achieve those goals... freeing you up to actually enjoy the workouts and your fitness journey.

Technology as a Tool.  We live in interesting times, with ever-evolving technology to help us understand, quantify and predict athletic performance.  The challenge is being able to interpret that mountain of data and turn it into results that matter to you.  What is that HR monitor or power meter telling you about your last workout and about your fitness as a whole?  What technology actually makes sense to purchase and what is simply "bling"?  Some people see technology as complexity or frustration, ruining their simple enjoyment of a sport.  It doesn't have to be that way... 

The T2M Difference.  I am a strategic thinker who has been creating and implementing strategic planning for over 20 years.  I have the unique ability to perform "DIKAR"... turning Data into Information to create Knowledge which leads to Actions that deliver Results.  I've used a methodical approach to successfully design client specific training programs help second year triathletes complete their first Ironman races to seasoned ultra-cyclists who have won the Trans Am Bike Race, RAW & RAAM.

Focus.  My primarily clients are generally ultra distance athletes, such as half Ironman or longer triathlons, or ultra-cycling events such as 100+ mile gravel racing, 6+ hour time trials or multi-day events such as the Trans Am Bike Race, RAW or RAAM.

Clients.  To maximize performance, there needs to be a synergy between the coach and athlete.  My goal is not to maximize the number of clients I work with, but rather to have a significant positive impact on the athletes I choose to coach.  I have had the opportunity to work with people who were new to sports as well as seasoned athletes who are winning at the national level.  I truly enjoy helping people at all levels of competition. 

Expectations.   For our collaboration to be effective and for you to achieve your desired results, I expect all of the T2M athletes to:

  • Be approved by a doctor / medical professional to participate in their sport and to perform high intensity exercise.  Athletes must work with their medical provider to address any medical issues and alert me immediately of any potential problems.
  • Be committed to the goal and willing to do the associated workouts.  Certainly unexpected things come up... family, business, illness, etc., but most weeks should be completed as scheduled. 
  • Be willing to communicate on a regular and timely manner.  All workouts need to be completed and uploaded to TrainingPeaks with appropriate comments made on each workout.  Long course & ultra endurance athletes need to communicate daily on basic readiness metrics (sleep, fatigue, resting HR, HRV, etc.).
  • Be willing to perform quality workouts.  From a "bang for the buck" perspective, I believe in very specific intensity based interval sessions, to build power/pace and stamina.  A significant part of your cycling training will likely be indoors on a trainer during the week, with longer rides / runs outdoors on the weekends.  Quality workouts often preclude group rides or runs if they are not at your specific training paces or power.
  • Be willing to perform fitness assessments.  Periodic testing quantifies changes in fitness and alters training zones to drive growth.  These include specific swimming, cycling and run test protocols.
  • Be willing to invest in a base level of technology.  This involves a GPS devices, a heart rate monitor and a power meter, that allow workout data transfers to TrainingPeaks.  A good quality bike trainer is recommended as well.

About Me.  I am a USAT level 1, USAC level 3, TrainingPeaks level 2 and Ironman Certified coach, with a 25+ year history of strategic thinking, planning, forecasting, mentoring/coaching and data analysis.  My undergraduate degree is in Industrial Engineering which focuses on operational efficiency.  I've applied these skills to triathlon and cycling specific coaching, to help my clients analyze and maximize their specific athletic performance.  


I have the unique perspective of overcoming challenges to reach lofty goals.  In 2012, I was completely run over by a pickup while training for the USAT & 5150 National Championships.  In 2013, I focused on rehabilitation and rebuilding fitness to successfully complete Ironman Arizona.  I understand the physical and mental challenges of recovery from injury, and can help develop a training program to help you meet your specific long-term goals.